Austin, March 2, 2023 – Today, announced the release of their brand-new chatGPT-powered application, which is intended to make it simple for everyone to produce exciting blog content. is the brainchild of a dad who saw his son struggle to generate content for his travel blog. With, anyone can generate complete blog posts in just minutes by simply entering their desired topic. The tool’s chatGPT technology then takes over, creating a high-quality blog post that is ready to publish.

“Content is king, websites need content to rank high on google, but not everyone has the time, resources, or skills to write compelling blog posts for content” said Gus, CEO of” That is what inspired me to create – to help people create great content, quickly and easily.”’s google like interface and cutting-edge technology makes it fun and easy for anyone to create professional-grade blog posts. If you know how to search, you now know how to blog. The tool is also perfect starting point for bloggers who struggle with writer’s block, or those who simply want to streamline their content creation process.

“We’re excited to bring to the blogging community,” said Gus. “Our goal is to empower people to share their ideas and perspectives with the world, without the stress and frustration that often come with writing a blog post. With, everyone can be a blogger.” is available for use now. To learn more, visit or follow @autoblogger_ai on twitter

Contact: Gus Sachdev,,  512-649-2165






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